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bible300Over the past several years I have interacted with people who claim to be Christians who I cannot discern from people who adhere to no particular set of beliefs.

I have encountered: grudges, hate speech, arrogance, anger, gossip, and many more negative things that I wouldn’t expect from a Christian person.

My Mother (who has been deceased for over a decade) remains the only Christian that I’ve encountered that applied what was written in the pages of the bible. She was kind to a fault, never held a grudge, was devoid of arrogance, among many other positive attributes.

Over the past several years I’ve come to the realization that the heat on Christians may be deserved due to the blatant hypocrisy exhibited.

Point being if you consider yourself a Christian make sure you are a model of what you claim to represent. Are you holding grudges? Do you go out of your way to deliver hate and stick it to people? Do people view you as arrogant, and if so is there something to it? Do you get angry at people when things don’t go your way, or they don’t think the way you do? Are you a gossiper? Proverbs 6: 16-19

I’m not saying that Christians should be perfect, but upon interaction someone should be saying to you “There’s something special about you” as I heard many, many people say about my Mother. Instead I typically interact with Christians that: are full of themselves, love money, enjoy creating discord among groups, gossip, and hold grudges.

It’s easy to say you stand for something, until it’s time to stand for something.

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