Original Podcasts

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original300It may seem like an oxymoron to use the words original and podcast in the same sentence, especially with the plethora of me-too podcasts available.

In 2006 when I started podcasting you were lucky to find even one podcast based on a particular TV show (with the exception of Lost), but now in 2015 some shows have as many as 30, or more, podcasts! I am all for freedom of speech yada, yada, yada, but come on!

The majority of the podcasters creating these shows lack any real motive other than trying to reach a large enough listener base so they can monetize.

Monetization is the number one desire of the majority of podcasters. Back in 2006 more people seemed to focus on having fun, with statistics coming in a distant second place. Since many podcasters want to strike it rich they have adopted the me-too strategy by simply copying any successful format they see.

Comedy shows were hot and the floodgates opened. Technology shows were all the rage and the floodgates opened. TV recap shows drew some large audiences and the floodgates opened. Daily interview shows got rolling and the floodgates opened.

Sadly, podcasting is headed down a similar road radio took. Instead of using the podcasting medium to take chances you would not be able to on traditional broadcast radio, podcasters are merely looking at the most successful shows and mimicking them.

The Serial podcast debuted in the fall of 2014, and with all the buzz, it was as if NASA discovered life on other planets. I remember thinking that Serial was a TV show and someone created a podcast around it. Much to my surprise, Serial was in fact something much, much different.

Will 2015 be the year of multiple Serial podcast clones, or will it be the year that other podcasters step out and do something other than Technology, TV, Interview, Sports, and Comedy podcasts? I believe there are plenty of original podcast ideas out there ready to be the next big thing. Are you going to be the podcaster behind the next original idea?

What are your thoughts? Please feel free to comment below.