SE003 Is Your Personality a Fit for Your Business?

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Is Your Personality a Fit for Your Business?


Is your personality a fit for your business? It’s not often that we think about how our personality fits with our business. Typically, we pick a path that we desire and start marching towards our entrepreneurial goals. Could you be chasing a dream that doesn’t correlate with who you deep down? Many of us pick paths that don’t line up at all with who we are at the core or our being. So are you and your business a match? I hope you’ll listen to this episode of Striving Entrepreneur.

Striving Entrepreneur was created to help other internet business owners earn money online. Like millions of other small business owners out there, I’m looking for money making ideas and new ways to create residual income. Generating substantial passive income streams is just one of the paths I’m going to explore on this business management & marketing podcast. I will discuss how to create a service business that can generate significant revenue, how to grow an eCommerce business from scratch, and much more. Whether you are looking to sell digital products, physical products or knock it out of the park with a great service business, I will have something to share with you. I am not, nor do I claim to be, an overnight success that’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Instead, I’m learning how to make more money and sharing that information with you. Everyone is looking for strategies on how to make money blogging, how to make money podcasting, and how to create a passive income stream that allows them more freedom. Join me on this entrepreneurial journey where the podcast is just the beginning. Twice a month I will release a podcast episode and follow up that episode with more resources on the website. After I cover a topic on the show I plan to deep dive into the how-to portion by creating, or linking to, videos, PDF’s, interviews and other resources that will help you achieve your goals. I hope you’ll join me on the Striving Entrepreneur podcast and share it with other people who are on this same path.