The Reason Entrepreneurs Don’t Make Last Minute Resolutions

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calendar_icon300Every year around late December many of us make New Year’s Resolutions. Like many others, I’ve fallen into the trap of coming up with something for my New Year’s Resolution at the last minute. The bad part about setting a business related New Year’s Resolution in December is that our plans should have been set well in advance. While there is nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself as an entrepreneur, in my opinion, our January 1st goals should be set by October 1st at the latest.

If you are an entrepreneur, or even an aspiring one, odds are you have a road map for your brand. If you don’t have a road map for your brand shame on you. Without having a clear, action driven plan your efforts will be scattered, lackluster, and ineffective.

There have been plenty of debates on just how far out your plan should be. I can tell you from my time working for Target Co. I learned to keep a 30-60-90 (day) short-term road map for small plans and a 1-2-3 (year) long-term road map for larger plans. If you’re in a field in which you have a long development cycle your long-term road map can be extended by several years.

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Keeping a running plan for thirty days out, sixty days out, and ninety days out will help you avoid surprises, work your action steps, and alter your plans if you are meeting goals more quickly than expected. If you are a budding entrepreneur, or a brand owner of any kind, do yourself a favor and map out your goals for 30-60-90 days out and backtrack on your calendar with action steps. Once you’ve mastered the 30-60-90, setup a road map for one year out, two years out, and three years out. Your goals need to be realistic, yet challenging.

When you get into the habit of planning ahead, and executing your action steps, you’ll realize that you can see success coming from a mile away.

Chime in below and let your voice be heard. How far out are your plans? Have you ever succeeded when you didn’t plan ahead? I’d love to hear your thoughts.