Your Podcast is More Than a Title

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This morning I was listening to my friend Wayne’s Voice-Over Journey podcast and it dawned on me that his podcast is not merely a voice-over centric podcast, it’s an entrepreneurial journey podcast.

When you dissect information you quickly realize that many elements from other brands, can translate well to your own brand, or life.

When we look at the title of a podcast we can a) scan for keywords that we think are relevant to us and either listen to, or ignore the podcast, or b) listen to a podcast with an open mind and a willingness to absorb and apply relevant nuggets of information.

If I simply judged the title of a podcast I would be missing out on plenty of valuable information.

Wayne’s Voice-Over Journey podcast is just the tip of the iceberg. Podcast Answer Man is another show that transcends its title. I’ve been producing podcasts since 2006 and I’m able to teach podcasters, who have been doing it longer than me, a thing or two. However, Cliff Ravenscraft is not sitting at his desk fielding podcast questions as the name implies. Had I dismissed this show because I “Know enough” about podcasting I would have missed the opportunity to ride along with him on his journey from insurance salesman to becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

Internet Business Mastery is yet another show that transcends its title. To say their methods can only be applied if your business solely resides on the internet is like saying a sports coach only impacts a player’s life on the field.

I hope the takeaway from this blog post is clear. The next time you see someone post about their podcast, don’t dismiss it based on the title. Hit the play button, listen, and absorb what’s really being said, and see if it can be applied to your own brand, or life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.